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Defining Conflict Pack

Conflict Management

This learning pack is made up of four separate courses that lay the groundwork for acquiring what it takes to manage conflict and become a conflict leader. Foundation of a Conflict Leader 1.0 identifies the terms, ideas, practices, and common languages of the conflict management landscape, while Foundation of a Conflict Leader 2.0 transitions the course transitions to practical actions to apply in day-to-day practices.

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Conflict Management Bundle

Conflict Management

The Conflict Management Bundle includes the Defining Conflict Pack, Diversity Course, 9 Conflict Competencies, and Workplace Mediation Process. These courses begin by laying the groundwork for acquiring what it takes to manage conflict and become a conflict leader.

graphic of tree made out of hands of different skin shades to represent diversity
Diversity Course

Conflict Management

In today’s global climate, actively working for diversity, equity, and inclusion within an organization are important toward creating a positive and respectful work culture. This course will demonstrate an understanding of contributions made by individuals from diverse and/or underrepresented groups, critically examine individual’s attitudes about diverse and/or underrepresented groups, identify how diversity issues impact us in our daily interaction and in the workplace...

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9 Conflict Competencies

Conflict Management

Competencies are the 9 key skills that allow us to assess others, develop solutions, and mediate conflict. These 9 competencies include Awareness, Empathy, Engagement, Active Listening, Reframing, Responding, Solution Design, Solution Delivery, and Accountability.

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Workplace Mediation Process

Conflict Management

 The Workplace Mediation Process is a course made up of four parts intended to develop the skills necessary to handle conflict in the workplace. This course allows you to learn about the mediation process.  Mediation is an informal and flexible dispute resolution process. 

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WildLIFE High

Conflict Management

WildLIFE High is a unique social-emotional learning (SEL) program focused on the skills young people need to build meaningful relationships, manage conflict, identify threats to mental well-being, and strengthen their emotional intelligence. ​

Volume purchase discounts available for all programs above. Contact for more information. 

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