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CDSMP Healthcare Cost Savings Estimator Tool

Internet-Based Tool

The Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) Cost Savings Estimator Tool helps users estimate potential annual healthcare cost savings based on the anticipated number of participants to enroll in CDSMP within the next 12 months. Tailored estimates are created based on users’ local and state data. Estimates from this Tool can help program administrators and decision makers document the success of local CDSMP implementation efforts, create strategic budgets for program delivery based on desired returns on investments, and make the business cases for new partnerships and future funding.

Exercise and Screening for You
(EASY) Tool

Internet-Based Tool

This tool provides older adults and professionals with recommendations for safe and appropriate activities in light of known risk factors. It offers a comprehensive approach in matching individuals to an appropriate exercise program, identifying potential risk factors associated with exercise, providing safety tips and encouraging communication with medical providers.

Evidence to Programs Toolkit logo that looks like a compass of navy blue and lime green
Evidence to Programs Toolkit

Internet-Based Tool

Whether you are new to evidence-based programing or have been implementing evidence-based programs for years, this Toolkit contains useful information you can use.  Developed by the Community Research Center for Senior Health (CRC-Senior Health), this internet-based Toolkit was developed to support community-based organizations select, implement, and evaluate EBP.  The Toolkit is divided into two sections: (1) selecting a suitable EBP; and (2) implementing EBPs with fidelity.

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